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Agronom Berries Group

Zienki 14, 21-230 Sosnowica, tel. 509 568 644

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Agronom Berries Group

The Horticultural Nursery Farm Agronom Berries is situated in eastern Poland, Lublin Province.

The history of the Agronom Berries Farm dates back to the early 1990s.Since that time, this traditional family business has transformed into one of the top producers of berry fruit and plant material in Poland.

The big breakthrough came in 2002 when we commenced our co-operation in the production of fresh strawberry plants for the southern European market. The dynamic cooperation favored the growth of production capacity and in 2003 we set up our enterprise at the grounds of the former state owned farm (PGR) in Zienki near Sosnowica. After a very challenging beginning when we struggled to restore fertility of soils abandoned for a couple or dozen years, our farm has been developing rapidly.

Currently, our farm occupies more than 700ha. Thanks to that on the same field we back after 3 years, it is especially important due to the ever new rules restricting the use of disinfectants soil.

The practical knowledge we have gained during dozen years of  fresh fruit production provides us with far more insight into nursery production as we view it from the standpoint of a producer as well. Therefore, we are aware of the prominence of planting stock and its characteristics to produce high quality fruit. So in our effort to meet increasing demands of customers, we try to implement new technologies and continually deepen our knowledge through the active participation in many international conferences.

Our professional experience and high quality work have been appreciated by a number of our clients from southern Europe among other, from Italy and Greece, where we occupy 40% of the strawberry plants market share.

We own and operate cold storage, special crop equipment and essential supply base and thus, we guarantee best quality. Our real asset is the Podlasie region which is clean and ecological, it is the place where we work and live. We continually increase our production and willingly establish co-operation with new clients.

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We are happy to announce that among exhibitors during Fruit Logistica 2015 will be again our company. For three days our team will be on the stand to introduce you our products.

We warmly welcome you to visit us on our booth

City Cube Hall

Stand E18

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